Driving Change in Higher Education.


MSCSA is an advocacy organization for the more than 100,000 public two-year college students in Minnesota. The Association provides training and resources to empower students to become advocates. MSCSA works with individual colleges, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Minnesota State) system, at the state legislature, and at the federal level. 

The advocacy priorities of MSCSA include working for accessible, quality, and affordable public higher education in Minnesota. From seeking tuition controls to expanding federal financial aid to system-wide transfer policy, MSCSA drives change in higher education. To read more about the organization’s advocacy work, review the MSCSA Platform Document. The Platform Document is written and annually amended by student leaders to guide the advocacy work of MSCSA.

Some advocacy highlights include: 

  • Rally at the Minnesota State Capitol with hundreds of students throughout the state
  • Host an Advocacy Day for students to connect with their state legislators to discuss higher education priorities
  • Meeting with state lawmakers and testifying in legislative committees on MSCSA’s legislative agenda
  • An annual trip to Washington, D.C. to meet with Minnesota’s congressional delegation and federal higher education organizations to advance MSCSA’s federal agenda
  • Ongoing system-wide work with the Minnesota State Chancellor, Board of Trustees, system staff, college faculty and partner organizations to improve system policy and procedures
  • Provide regular advocacy training and leadership development opportunities at MSCSA Student Leadership Conferences

For more information about MSCSA’s advocacy work, contact the MSCSA Vice President at 651-297-5877. 


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