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Leadership Team

The Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA) leadership team is made up of four student cabinet members who are elected by the General Assembly each spring. MSCSA also has a full-time staff who help guide the organization year-to-year. 

2016-17 MSCSA Cabinet

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Minda Nelson

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Phone: 651-203-9460

Brett Underdahl photo

Brett Underdahl
Vice President 

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Phone: 651-203-9459

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Kimberly Thielen
Public Relations Coordinator

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Phone: 651-203-9457

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Isaac Jahraus

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Phone: 651-203-9456



MikeDean Headshot

Mike Dean
Executive Director 

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Phone: 651-203-9454

Lindsay Barton

Lindsay Barton
Director of Programs and Events

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Phone: 651-203-9452

Courtney Brockman

Courtney Brockman
Communications and Office Coordinator

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Phone: 651-203-9461

Kayley Schoonmaker Headshot

Kayley Schoonmaker
Policy Coordinator

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Phone: 651-203-9465

Samantha Beck

Samantha Beck
Outreach Coordinator

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Phone: 651-203-9462

MayYang Headshot 8x10

May Yang
Manager of Equity and Inclusion

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Phone: 651-203-9466

 Development Assistant Joyce Petsch

Joyce Petsch
Development Assistant 

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Phone: 651-203-9464


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