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Tips for Success for a Winning MSCSA Leadership Scholarship Application

  • Read the entire application before getting started.
  • Be sure you meet all minimum qualifications.
  • Essays should be between 300 and 750 words in length per question.
    1. Describe the work you show on your resume.
    2. Write an original answer about your personal leadership experience.
    3. Think of the prompt, “if my life went perfectly, what would I like to be/do”.
    4. If you had $1,250 extra dollars towards your education how would that affect you.
  • For your leadership resume, this is different from a regular resume for a job, think about:
    1. three components that represent your strengths,
    2. academic success,
    3. and leadership in your school and in your community.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    1. If the application requires two, please make one from a peer.
    2. Choosing a recommender who knows you well, that you trust to get the letter in on time, and has good writing skills.
      1. Start this step first. You will be depending on someone else for this section of the application, which you should allow ample time for.
      2. Ask them to include information about your academic success, leadership in school, and leadership in your community in the letter.
      3. Follow up with them to confirm submission and thank them for their time.
  • Transcript
      1. Include school name and your student ID number
      2. It does not need to be an official transcript.
  • Proofread your entire application and ask at least two people to read over the application and make suggestions.
  • Submitting one application enters you for both the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship and the McCormick Leadership Scholarship.


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