Driving Change in Higher Education.

Students turn out in record numbers for "The Great MSCSA Get Together" and the reboot of the Minnesota State College Alumni Association!

This weekend 150 students and their families gathered in celebration of our new facility, The Center for Student Leadership and Advocacy. Fun was had by all playing on the giant inflatables, challenging friends to yard games, listening to the band Stereo Confession, and reminiscing with old friends.

We had at least one alumni present from each year of the Association dating back to its creation. It was the perfect kick off to our Minnesota State College Alumni Association meeting on Sunday where we ratified bylaws and appointed a board who voted on a Chair and Vice Chair.

Congratulations to Heather Darby, Scott Formo, Joe Gould, Jacob Littler, Noel Lutsey, Nick Schneider (Vice Chair) and Darleen Tareeq. The whole group participated in a discussion about what the Association will look like moving forward and have a unified idea for the future. We are so excited to see what this group will accomplish in the coming year!


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