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The Minnesota State College Alumni Association takes off!

Last summer, after many talks of how best to incorporate alumni more actively into the work of MSCSA, a committee got together to begin shaping what an official MSCSA alumni association might look like.  After completing all the boring stuff (meetings, drafts of bylaws, meetings, recommendations, meetings), the committee was geared up to present a promising structure for sustaining an active alumni base to support the work MSCSA.  

This past June, the alumni association got together for the first time, hosting its inaugural meeting to elect a board of directors as well as begin exciting initiatives as a formal group.  Some of you might remember, but this meeting also went hand-in-hand with The Great MSCSA Get Together, which was attended by 150 students, families, and alumni to celebrate MSCSA’s new facility.  Not only was the event a great opportunity for current students and alumni to network with each other, but it also served as a catalyst for discussions about ways MSCSA and the alumni can collaborate in the future.

I am honored to announce the members of the first board of directors for the Minnesota State College Alumni Association (MSCAA):  Heather Darby, Scott Formo, Joe Gould, Jacob Littler, Noel Lutsey, Nick Schneider (Vice Chair), and Darleen Tareeq.  This group of individuals was appointed by former MSCSA President Steve Sabin and will serve one to two year terms.  The group represents alumni that have participated in various roles throughout MSCSA’s history, spanning over a decade.  The board members were selected geographically, as well, to include a number of regions in Minnesota.

To be a member of the MSCAA, all you need to do is a pay a small fee each year.  The great part about the fee is that it is then automatically donated to the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship!  Membership is open to all current and former members of MSCSA.  The MSCAA Board meets quarterly, and the whole organization meets annually in June.  Naturally, all members are invited to attend any or all of the meetings.  To learn more about the operations of the alumni association, check out:  http://www.mscsa.org/alumni. 

The MSCAA will host a meeting at MSCSA’s Fall Leadership Summit on October 19th at the Hilton in Bloomington, MN.  To stay true to the new organization’s mission, the alumni association will kick off the day with a board meeting, followed by a mass alumni outreach event, and end with sharing dinner with the Minnesota Student Leadership Summit attendees.  The goal of the board meeting is to hone in on projects the alumni have expressed interest in doing in the past as well as to serve as an initial icebreaker in meeting the new board.  The day’s events are open to all members of the MSCAA, so if you’re a member, we hope to see you there!!

I will conclude by saying it is such a privilege to serve as the Board Chair of the MSCAA.  Giving back to the MSCSA as an alumnus is something I strive to do my best at, and I can speak for the rest of the Board in saying we plan to continue serving the organization that has made us into the leaders we are today.  I can’t wait to see the work of this group unfold over the year and carry forward for years to as the alumni organization develops.  


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