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Welcome to the Spring Edition of the Alumni and Friends Update!

Seventh Annual Leadership Scholarship Dinner and Silent Auction
In January, hundreds of supporters showed up to support the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship. Alumni supported the event through donations, attendance, and volunteering. Setting a goal to raise $15,000 was ambitious but MSCSA is an ambitious organization. Thanks to the generosity of our guests, we met our goal and raised over $15,000 in just one evening! Thank you for your support and we hope you're already looking forward to January 2015!

Legislative Update
This year legislative session is a bit different than usual. Minnesota is having a legislative "Un-session." During this short session, legislators will work to remove unnecessary statutory language. At this point, the 2014 state legislative session is moving rapidly. Up for discussion is a potential supplemental budget with some additional dollars for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system. The state's most recent budget forecast showed a projected surplus of approximately $1.2 billion, so legislators have been deciding with how to use that money.

Governor Dayton released his budget plan recently and included $17 million in new base funding for the MnSCU system. Under the system's supplemental budget request, these dollars would be used to meet a potential shortfall in campus budgets due to contract settlements that have come in higher than planned. With the Governor's proposal public, both the House and Senate will begin work to craft their own supplemental plans.

The four legislative priorities this year for MSCSA include removing restrictive advertising language around PSEO, creating a tuition affordability workgroup, increasing the transferability of credits, and securing HEAPR funds to repair our colleges.

Minnesota State College Alumni Association SWOT analysis
A SWOT analysis is a way to define an organization's Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. Through the SWOT analysis that was done by the Minnesota State College Alumni Association in January, we plan to make realistic action items to bring new projects and ideas to life. Projects that are being considered include a fundraiser to build a patio once the buildout starts on the training center, a mentorship program for current students, ways to outreach to uninvolved alumni, and many others.

If you have ideas about what the Alumni Association could tackle in the future, please email them to alumni@mscsa.org.

Leadership Scholarship Fund, now a true endowment!
The MSCSA Leadership Scholarship Fund has grown to the point that we were able to make it a true endowment. The fund grew to over $100,000, making investment a real option. After considering the many options, MSCSA has invested $100,000 with the Minnesota Philanthropy Partners. We are excited to announce that thanks to the endowment, the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship will now be sustained for years to come.

iGAVE Campaign 2014

In 2013 the iGAVE campaign raised over $8,000 in one weekend at the Spring General Assembly. That number continued to grow even after the assembly was over. We tried something new, a matching funds campaign that really changed the dynamics of the campaign and excited students to unite over certain common goals. Friends and alumni generously offered matching funds and it really made the campaign come alive! This year, we'd love to hit $8,000 again! All alumni who donate will have the opportunity to share a message with the entire General Assembly! Please watch your email in April for the donation link! If you're interested in offering a match, please email askorich@mscsa.org to discuss the different options.


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