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MSCSA Alumni committee is restarting

alumniMSCSA alumni meet up in the Twin Cities

Remember the days of sitting in the crowd of an MSCSA conference and not having any idea what was going on? Remember the days of sitting in the crowd of an MSCSA Conference and thinking you can change the world… or at least advocate for students? Remember the days of sitting in the crowd of an MSCSA Conference and thinking, “Wow, I sure am going to miss this a lot when I graduate”? That’s the thoughts I had surging through my head as an MSCSA member. 

To many, it is thought that the students keep MSCSA alive and thriving, which is completely true. It is also true that the former students, those who have graduated and moved on in life, have a spot for MSCSA still in their hearts. The alumni of MSCSA are not always present or thinking about the association but at just the right time, they can be exactly what the association needs. Great examples that have been deeply appreciated are when former presidents come back to conferences and give us a hand, when random donations come in when we are trying to reach a goal and they put us right over the top, when it’s a chilly fall day and they stop into the office just to say hello, and many, many more opportunities that I’m sure I didn’t list. 

To better serve the Alumni of MSCSA, the Alumni Committee has been restarted. We dusted off the old Alumni Association bylaws and got into gear. There are many new and interesting things that are hopefully going to come out of this new Alumni Committee. One thing that we will be thinking about is what role do alumni want to play in MSCSA and what role can MSCSA play in the lives of alumni. As students, MSCSA is here to help us advocate for accessible, quality, and affordable higher education. During that same time, MSCSA is here to help make us the best we can be with leadership development. 

Just because you have graduated does not mean that you don’t still care about students getting accessible, quality, and affordable higher educations, and it doesn’t mean that you are the best leader you can be or that you’re ready to stop learning. An idea that has been floating around is the idea of using “Regional Captains” as someone who will lead their region in efforts to reconnect and build the alumni base. The first meeting is in the process of being scheduled now with the hopes that the Bylaws will be approved at the Spring General Assembly and having a fully functioning committee by June 2013. Thinking ahead, as a student, think about what you want to contribute as alumni of MSCSA and, as alumni, think about what you would hope to see the Alumni Committee accomplish. MSCSA has helped shape some incredible leaders, so let’s find some initiative to make this successful! 

The 6th Annual Leadership Scholarship Dinner and Silent Auction is coming up on January 11, 2013 which could be a great place to round up some friends and catch up about your old MSCSA memories, I know I’m looking forward to seeing some old faces! For more details about the Scholarship Dinner, check out the article in this issue or visit www.mscsa.org/scholarshipdinner.


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