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Lyman Hawbaker

MSCSA Alumni, Lyman Hawbaker

Are you currently involved in community or volunteer work? If so, what types of projects?I am currently involved in a program that works with disadvantaged, low-income individuals of all ages to overcome barriers to employment.  Previously I volunteered with an organization that brings the arts to underserved children in New York City.

What is your current job? Deutsche Bank, Private Equity & Private Markets

Where did you attend college? Cornell University and Normandale Community College

What was your major? Bachelor of Science, Industrial & Labors Relations Associate of Arts

What position(s) did you hold while in MSCSA? I did not hold any MSCSA positions, but I was the Student Senate President of Normandale Community College.

What drew you to become involved in MSCSA? The opportunity to work with many passionate, dedicated leaders on fascinatingly complex issues.

What did you learn from your experience in MSCSA that positioned you for future success? I learned many things during my time with MSCSA, but what stands out most predominately was developing the skills to effectively take a very diverse set of opinions and ideas and align them into a workable solution that generated buy-in from all involved.

What advice would you like to share with current/future members? Cultivate big ideas and follow what you are passionate about you will be amazed at the journey it will take you on.

What was your proudest MSCSA moment? Leaving Breezy Point in 2010, my final conference, and looking back at the two years I spent with MSCSA and how transformative it was to so many great people I was fortunate enough to work with. Being part of an empowering organization that created so much positive change through dedication and tireless work.

What leader inspires you? Warren Buffett, has been a larger than life figure in my life for many years; one that pushed me to make the step to attend college after working three years following high school. Warren came from a modest, mid-west background and followed his passion for investing and business to unprecedented success. Yet, even after attaining immense wealth, he has retained his down-to-earth mentality, not deviating from his core principles and is now leveraging that success to truly make the world a better place. He is a demonstration to me of what is possible, not because of privilege, but because of personal integrity and persistence.



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