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Mara Brogan

MSCSA Alumni, Mara Brogan

Where did you attend college and what was your major? I majored in Natural Resource Technology - Forestry, with a wildlife ecology certificate, at Vermilion Community College.

What is your current job? I am currently a store manager of ACE Hardware.

What drew you to become involved in MSCSA and what position(s) did you hold? I wanted to be a part of MSCSA because I wanted to help people and make a difference. I loved that I got the opportunity to meet so many people from around the state and that everyone of them had something unique to offer. During my time with MSCSA, I was an alternate for my region and my goal was to always be a strong student leader.

Are you currently involved in any community or volunteer work? If so, what types of projects or organizations are you passionate about? I am currently on the Minnesota State College Alumni Association (MSCAA) Board. I feel very fortunate because now I'm helping give back to the organization that gave so much to me and many others.

What skills did MSCSA teach you that positioned you for future success and what skills did you learn from MSCSA that you still use today? Networking is a huge one. It is so important to meet new people and learn about what they do because you never know where life will lead you. I worked for Rainy River Community College for a year and would have never had that opportunity if it wasn't for being involved with MSCSA. It was all through networking.

What was your proudest MSCSA moment? I actually have three very proud moments during my time with MSCSA. The first one would be when I received the memorial scholarship for Patrick Christner's mother, which was the very first one given out. The second would be when I received the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship, and the third was when I was awarded the student leader of the year for MSCSA.

What advice would you like to share with current/future members? Always remember that you can achieve your dreams. It may not be tomorrow, next month, or even next year, but life is not just about making your dreams come true. It's about learning from the journey on the way there, the effort you put in to it, and everyone you meet along the way. It may be a wild rollercoaster, but it will be a beautiful one to ride.


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