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The 26.2 Scholarship Crew has returned! Bigger than ever!


Imagine that well over half of all Minnesotans are overweight or obese. Imagine that college students are faced with crushing debt and are looking for any way possible to pay for an education. You shouldn’t have to overly tax your imagination because these are issues facing hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans right now.

Every year, MSCSA awards MSCSA Leadership Scholarships to students who are active and positive role models in their community while maintaining a high academic standard. These scholarships help make education more affordable and accessible so that students are able to continue making a difference in the lives of others and achieve their educational goals.

The good news is, a group of individuals are joining forces to increase the awareness of these issues in a very unique way and there is a way you can help!

For the third consecutive year, I am spearheading the “26.2 Scholarship Crew” fundraiser to create more awareness of healthy living and affordable higher education. Over the last two years, with the help of the scholarship crew, I have been able to raise over $7,500 while also crossing the finish line at the 2011 Grandma’s Marathon. Unfortunately, the last two years I have had to drop out of the Twin Cities Marathon due to medical emergencies. However, this year I am pledging to cross the finish line of the Twin Cities Marathon on October 6 and raise an additional $2,500 for the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship.

While I am more determined than ever to reach these goals, I am also excited to announce that I am expanding the “26.2 Scholarship Crew” initiative. This year I have decided to expand the fundraiser by inviting 5 student leaders just as passionate about this cause to join me. These students have pledged to each raise $650 for the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship and to finish the Twin Cities 10k on October 5. Joining me on the racecourse and in raising money for the scholarship are the following student leaders:

Shannon Glenn – Metropolitan State University
Kyle Vanderflute – Lake Superior College
Michelle McDonald – Lake Superior College
Ali Greene – Lake Superior College
Zak Radzak – Lake Superior College

Running in long distance races are never easy. However, neither is being a student. Because of this, the “26.2 Scholarship Crew” is dedicating their run to students who give back to students and the community everyday, whether it be serving as a mentor or volunteering in their community.

Please join the MSCSA “26.2 Scholarship Crew” in supporting Minnesota college students and healthy living by donating to the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship at www.mscsa.org/scholarshipcrew.


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