Driving Change in Higher Education.

MSCSA Leadership Scholarship Dinner

By Amanda Skorich

MSCSA Program Coordinator

At about 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 11, the hallways of the second floor of the Hilton transformed from an empty to a room buzzing with chatter over silent auction items and the wall of wine. The lines backed up for the raffles and the coatroom flashed with student helpers organizing jackets. Walking through the hallways became a challenge and bidding wars flared left and right. The wall of wine sold out! 

At 7:00 p.m. the ding, ding, ding of the chimes signaled that the auction was over. Guests strolled into the ballroom with nervous anticipation waiting to learn what they had won. After enjoying a fabulous steak dinner, guests were introduced to the reason for the evening, the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship recipients, and greeted them with delighted applause. Michael Flannery, Scholarship Board Chair, did a wonderful job highlighting the scholarship students. The first McCormick scholarship recipient, Ethan Capers, was highlighted for his exemplary dedication to student leadership. 

Following the recognition of the scholarship winners, the much-anticipated keynote address was delivered Larry Pogemiller, the Director of the Office of Higher Education. He expressed the wants and needs of higher education and what the future has in store for post-secondary education. He also commented on the disconnect between K-12 education and higher education in America today. 

After Pogemiller’s speech the auction item results were released and the raffle winners were announced. Excitement lingered as guests left the ballroom to gather their items. The evening wrapped up with music by Preston Gunderson in the foyer as guests had time to network and reconnect with old friends. 

Overall, the event was a success! Fun was had by all and over $13,000 was raised in the name of the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship. The event is growing every year and MSCSA looks forward to what next year has in store. We would like to thank those who attended the dinner and the donors to the event. You’re helping change lives through these incredible scholarships. Finally, one last congratulation to all of our scholarship recipients. Don’t forget the deadline for the next MSCSA Leadership Scholarship is May 1. Visit www.mscsa.org/scholarship for more information.


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