Driving Change in Higher Education.

Sculpting the future of higher education

By Heather Rantala
Lake Superior College

“We are facing some serious problems in Minnesota, and I believe that the young leaders of today hold the key to moving our great state forward.” – Senator Terri Bonoff, MN

Members of the Minnesota Senate Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee, in their mission to understand the needs of students and their families, have been touring campuses statewide. With plans to visit 17 campuses, they ask us: “How would you shape the future of higher education in Minnesota?”

A powerful question to ask, certainly, and students as well as many members of Lake Superior College’s (LSC) staff were in attendance when the committee came to campus on September 11, 2013. Ideas were shared and issues were explored. They toured LSC’s new Health and Sciences building as well as observed students in the robotics simulation room. It was the part of the tour that LSC Student Senate President Zak Radzak said was “most impressive.” Radzak did express disappointment that they “did not get to see any of the HEAPR projects, although we did tour the old Medical Laboratory Technician lab, which is in very bad shape.” HEAPR projects on campus include leaky roofs and a cracked section of sunroof over the atrium. HEAPR stands for Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement. HEAPR money is used to remodel, repair, and maintain current facilities so that they are safe, warm, and dry. For more information on HEAPR, see the article “Bonding with the State Legislature” in this issue.

To answer this question, it’s going to take a large combined effort of our Minnesota Students. Get involved. See what campuses are going to be toured, submit comments, and learn more at mnhighered.wordpress.com

Oh and you can see some robots duke it out at http://bit.ly/1fP5JTP


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