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Nominate Outstanding Educators on your campus today

By Matt Rubel
MSCSA Treasurer

Have you ever had an instructor that was truly extraordinary? An individual who is sincerely passionate about educating students? A professor that pushes students to achieve far more than they could even imagine? Most of us, as students, have had at least a few professors that fit the qualities of this kind of educator. 

We would like to encourage you to nominate these extraordinary faculty members that serve as leaders on your campus, for your institutions selection process to determine its Outstanding Educators. This is an amazing opportunity for those zealous faculty members to be recognized on your campus, and throughout the community that supports your institution. Information on your specific nominating processes can be obtained through the Chief Academic Officer or human resource department on your campus. 

After each campus has determined their Outstanding Educators, institutions have the opportunity to submit their candidates to the MnSCU Board of Trustees’ Award for Excellence in Teaching Review Committee. This statewide committee, composed of students, faculty, staff, and system-office personnel, then reviews the Outstanding Educators Teaching Portfolios and works collaboratively to recommend the Educator of the Year recipients to the Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs. 

All of the faculty members that are put forth as candidates are rewarded with the Outstanding Educator Award and are honored at a reception hosted by the Chancellor of the MnSCU system as well as the Board of Trustees.  The instructors that were selected to receive the Educator of the Year Awards are also honored at the same reception. The Educator of the Year Award recipients are introduced by a student from their campus. Typically it is the student that nominated them for the award.

The recipients then have the opportunity to address the participants of the reception about their career, teaching philosophies, strategies, colleagues, students, and mentors. This process and ceremony is a great way for faculty members to receive the praise they so rightfully deserve. Several media members also attend this ceremony and the photos from the reception are shared for years to come.  So, please join us in nominating these extraordinary faculty members at your institution for the Outstanding Educator Award.


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