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Financial resources for financial success

By Matt Rubel
MSCSA Treasurer

Have you ever thought about what your student loan repayment situation will be upon graduation? Have you thought about what resources are out there for people to learn about personal and household finances? There are several resources out there for people that are interested in mapping their financial situation for a successful future.

The website finaid.org has a student loan repayment calculator that will provide you with an estimate of what your repayment schedule will look like. This website has several links to various websites that provide scholarship information for those who are interested in applying for scholarships. This site also provides information and resources for individuals that are interested in a career in the military and information about the benefits provided to veterans and their families.

It is important for students to know what they are getting into when it comes to student loans. It is also important to understand the consequences of defaulting on your student loan payments. Taking out these loans can be a great benefit to people who are unable to afford higher education without them. They can enable people to achieve their dreams and impact our society for the better. They can also create a lifetime of uncertainty and financial distress if they are not treated with the consideration that they deserve. 

Another great resource for advancing your knowledge about personal and household finances is gpslifeplan.org. GPS Lifeplan provides tutorials concerning creating a budget, tracking your income and expenses, and revisiting and revising your budget. It is important to have financial goals, a strategy for meeting those goals over time, and the know-how to make sound financial decisions over your lifetime. GPS Lifeplan is truly a great resource when it comes to personal finance. It also provides information about credit and debt management, identity theft, and leadership and team building.


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