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The platform document is MSCSA’s guide

By Kayley Schoonmaker
MSCSA Vice President

This just in! The Platform Committee and the General Assembly have officially approved the MSCSA platform document for the 2013-14 year! This happens every year, and we’ll get to the specifics on the process in a minute, but first – what is the platform document? The platform document is a very important reference that the MSCSA uses when asked where we stand on any given issue. It is our guiding document when making decisions. Separated into sections of Federal, State, MnSCU System, International, and Local/Campus issues, this document identifies everything we support and oppose as an association. Sound a bit confusing? That’s okay – I have created an annotated version of this important document that defines all of the higher-level terms. And if you still have questions, please contact your Platform Representative! 

The Platform Committee got a first look at recommended additions/changes to the document at the Student Leadership Conference-September 2013, where they were free to debate and add items they felt were missing. Next, they approved these changes as a package to be sent to the General Assembly. The General Assembly met in October and altered the package changes even more, reflecting what the students from all over the state wanted to see in the document. After some healthy debate and parliamentary fun, the platform document was voted on by the entire General Assembly, where it passed and now stands as our guiding document for the year. This document is very important as it helps President Kelly Charpentier-Berg and myself when we are asked where the association stands on an issue. Sometimes we receive an unexpected request for our thoughts on an issue, and if it weren’t for the platform document, we would have to call emergency General Assembly meetings left and right! (Although that could be quite fun!)

There were many thoughtful changes made this year to the document, and I thank each student that participated in the process. You can find all of the changes here, as well as the annotated version: www.mscsa.org/mscsa-working-documents (Note - the annotated version does contain the most recent changes.) Or, if you would like a cute “Platform Pocket Book,” as I call it, you can contact me and you’ll have it in no time! This too is annotated for your convenience. You can contact me by email at vice@mscsa.org or by phone at 651-203-9459.


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