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Get ready to caucus!

By Sarah Clarke
MSCSA Director of Government Relations

Save the date, Tuesday, February 4, 2014 is Precinct Caucus day in Minnesota! Attend your caucus to get involved in your neighborhood and engage in democracy at the local level. This is the best way and a great first step in participating directly in the political process. You can connect with your community, talk about issues that are important you (hint, hint…higher education), and take on leadership roles. 

For your caucus, you will need to decide which political party caucus you would like to attend. At your caucus you will be able to compose and discuss resolutions that could be passed as part of your party’s platform, meet candidates for elected office, run for a leadership position, and vote on a preferential ballot. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to become a delegate to local, state, or national party conventions where you can continue to advance issues that are important to you and support candidates for office who share your values. 

If you have a conflict on the evening of February 4, Minnesota statute 202A.19 permits you to take off work to attend your caucus and your college is not allowed to have class after 6:00 p.m. on the date of the caucus. You also have the opportunity to send a letter and caucus by proxy if you are unable to attend in person. 

Looking for additional resources on the caucus process? First, check in with your political party. Many groups offer caucus training and information for first time caucus attendees. Additionally, the Minnesota Secretary of State website will have a caucus finder posted in January. Other caucus questions? Contact me at 651-203-9458.


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