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Over the river and through the woods: The MSCSA Cabinet reaches out to campuses around MN

By Kelly Charpentier-Berg

MSCSA President

One of the main priorities of the cabinet this year has been to make sure that we visited as many campuses as possible. We wanted to make sure the senates have the support they need to be successful in their work. At the time of this writing we have visited sixty-one percent of Minnesota State Colleges and University (MnSCU) two-year campuses at least once. The focus of these trips has been to find out what we can do to better support each senate and to provide them with any resources they may need. Every visit has been a little different. From doing talks on working with administration to helping recruit new members to senate to helping remove road blocks to active participation at conferences to consulting about upcoming building projects, each visit has been a new adventure. 

The experience has been incredible and eye opening. We have learned about the challenges each campus faces. We learned about the unique qualities and programming on each campus. It has given us a broader perspective of the work we need to do in the future as well. We have heard of increased attendance at senate meetings and more productive meetings after visits. We have also seen an increase in participation, not only at MSCSA Student Leadership Conferences, but also in MSCSA regional meetings since we began our statewide tour. I have had heard from many senates that they feel more supported this year than they have in the past.

We are currently finalizing plans to finish our tours in January and February of 2014. January 27-29 Public Relations Coordinator Brayden Mann and Presidents’ Group Chair Thomas Berg will be visiting seven schools in the northwest portion of the state. February 4-6 Vice President Kayley Schoonmaker, Brayden Mann, and I will be visiting six schools in the southwest portion of the state. Finally in the middle of February, Thomas Berg and Brayden Mann will be heading north to finish the remaining visits in that region. The plan at this time is to visit one hundred percent of our campuses prior to the Student Leadership Conference-March 2014. 


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