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Association Update 09-26-16

Upcoming Events:

Minnesota Student Leadership Summit

Date: October 20-23, 2016
Location: Mall of America/Airport Hilton - Bloomington, MN
Register by Friday, Sept 30!

Regional Meetings

Northern Regional Meeting: November 12, 2016
Register by Friday,
November 4!
Southern Regional Meeting: November 19, 2016
Register by Friday,
November 11!
Metro Regional Meeting: December 3, 2016
Register by Friday,
November 25!

Mark M. Welter: "The Power of One Vote"

Special Fall 2016
Scholarship Opportunity
The Minnesota State College Student Association is seeking applications from current Minnesota State College and University students for “The Power of One Vote” Scholarship. This program is sponsored through the generosity of Mark M. Welter, Ph.D. Five (5) $500 scholarships (maximum of one (1) per institution) will be given to current Minnesota State Colleges and Universities students and for those continuing their education within the Minnesota State system. Get more information.

Now accepting Wall of Wine donations!

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to help raise money for student scholarships? If you are over 21, purchase your favorite bottle of wine and drop it off at the MSCSA office as a tax- deductible donation. We will add it to our Wall of Wine, where Scholarship Gala attendees pay $10 to draw a numbered wine bottle cork from a fishbowl and they win the corresponding numbered bottle of wine. The Wall of Wine is a favorite among Gala attendees and is always sure to sell out fast.
If you have questions about Wall of Wine donations or the Scholarship Gala, please contact Director of Program & Events Lindsay Barton at 651-203-9452 or lbarton@mscsa.org.

Fire Up MSCSA!

Sign up now!

We are looking for speakers! Do you have a topic you enjoy talking about? Would you like to bring some energy to the Minnesota Student Leadership Summit? Then submit your topic today for Fire Up MSCSA!
Fire Up MSCSA! is an exciting event that will feature 10 individuals willing to share their ideas in the spotlight. Each person will have 5 minutes to present on a topic of their choice and must also prepare a 20 slide presentation that will auto advance every 15 seconds. The talks are quick, interactive, and precise.
If you are interested in speaking at Fire Up MSCSA!, please submit
this form by Friday, September 30, 2016 at 11:59pm. All submissions will be reviewed and 10 speakers will be selected to present at the 2016 Minnesota Student Leadership Summit. Each person that submits will be notified whether or not they've been selected.
If you have questions or would like more information please contact Lindsay Barton at lbarton@mscsa.org or 651-203-9452.

Meet Treasurer

Isaac Jahraus

Isaac Jahraus
Q: Tell us about your work experience and educational background.
A: For the last five years I have been working in the service industry in downtown Minneapolis. I have held various positions, most notably being a security manager and a bartender. While working, I sharpened my personal and social skills and learned I had to apply these skills to my education. These experiences led me to go back to school, and in spring 2015 I started attending Normandale Community College (NCC). I plan on utilizing the transfer program to attend Metropolitan State University to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Business with an emphasis in Psychology and Political Science.
Q: What interested you in working for MSCSA?
A: When I joined the Student Senate at NCC, I was elected as Treasurer. The duties that I performed under the Student Senate were beneficial to me and helped me decide to run for Treasurer of MSCSA. I encouraged myself to reach and obtain my goal of becoming the Treasurer of MSCSA by applying the knowledge and skills I learned while being the Treasurer of NCC.

Q: What are some of the things that you have been working on and are excited to work on in the future?
A: At NCC, it is crucially important to me to unite the Cultural Clubs that are available on campus. I have brought numerous clubs together for group discussions/meetings; some specifically being: the Black Student Alliance (BSA), Ethiopian Student Alliance (ESA), and Diversity Club, with hopes of finding more opportunities to collaborate. By bringing these clubs together it has created an environment for students to voice their concerns, compliments, and thoughts about their school, workplace, home, or any other topic that helps students feel heard and unified.

Q: What interests do you have outside of work?
A: I am getting married in July 2017, and I have been very involved with my fiancé in planning our wedding. I am also an avid Minnesota Vikings football fan (as well as any other Minnesota sports team), and consider myself one of the last faithful MN sports fans. I am a proud uncle to two boys ages three and one, and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my next niece/nephew this upcoming February.
Isaac Jahraus is a Business student at Normandale Community College. He is a non-traditional student with plans on transferring to Metropolitan State University to complete his Bachelor’s Degree.
At the 2016 Spring General Assembly, Isaac was elected as the Metro South Governing Council Alternate. This was his first introduction to a position at MSCSA. When Isaac is not busy advocating for students, he enjoys spending time with his fiancé, friends, and family members.

Control your college

plan and apply for

a scholarship!

The next MSCSA scholarship application due date is right around the corner – midnight, November 1, 2016! Keep your eyes open for information being given out by your Student Senate and the Financial Aid office on your campus during Scholarship Week, Wednesday, October 12 – Wednesday, October 19, 2016.

Tables will be set up on your campuses, providing you the opportunity to ask questions and sign up to receive scholarship information emailed directly to you.

This year the scholarships being awarded will be:
  • McCormick Leadership Scholarship-$1,500
  • MSCSA Leadership Scholarship - $1,250
  • Morrie Anderson Endowed Scholarship - $500
  • John Kenneth Niemi Memorial Tool Fund - $500
  • Irja Sundgren Pratt Memorial Scholarship - $500
All scholarship information also can be found on our website. This includes the online application form, instructions on how to upload your resume and letters of recommendation, and full criteria and qualification information for each scholarship.

If you need additional information, please email scholarship@mscsa.org.

Get to know the

GOTV interns

jJerson Castro (JC) Campos
South Central College North Mankato

Why are you passionate about Get Out the Vote?
I get my passion from the idea that injustice occurs on a daily basis. I have a strong sense of community, which enables me to learn from those heroic people that did something about it. I couldn’t be more thankful for learning from those experiences and thus I will never fail to stand up for those around me and always do the right thing.
UntitledMadison Melcher
South Central College Faribault

Why are you passionate about Get Out the Vote?
I decided to help with GOTV because I wanted to become an active member of our campus' Student Senate, and interning through GOTV is a great starting point. This years election is not just about voting for the new President, it is about voting for our state, making this year an important year to vote. I also decided to participate in Get Out the Vote because I believe that it does not matter who you vote for, as long as you vote. GOTV is the perfect way to get that message across.
Kate Lawrence
North Hennepin Community College

Why are you passionate about Get Out the Vote?
I am passionate about Get Out The Vote because more college students need to vote and volunteer in politics. Higher age and income levels are the biggest predictors of participation, so our elected officials care more about the issues of older wealthy people, than college students. To have our issues heard, we need to participate in large numbers.

sSeni Gyesus
Riverland Community College Austin

Why are you passionate about Get Out the Vote?
Actions speak louder than words and if we unite and go out and vote, regardless of the candidate, we will make a difference. There are people in the world who are being killed just to make their voices heard. We should not take the right we have to vote for granted.
eEthan Bunn
Ridgewater College Willmar Campus
Why are you passionate about Get Out the Vote?
I would like to help with the GOTV effort because I think it is important to stress the need for a voice. So many students believe they do not have a voice. And I am here to tell them that, at the local level, their votes make a difference.


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