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Association Update 02-27-17

MSCSA Association Update - February 2017
MSCSA Association Update - February 2017

Upcoming Events:

D.C. Summit 2017

Date: March 18-21, 2017
Location: Holiday Inn Capitol Smithsonian - Washington, D.C.

Spring General Assembly - April 2017

Date: April 21-23, 2017
Location: Breezy Point Resort - Breezy Point, MN
Register by Tuesday, April 4!
Urge your state legislators to help make college more affordable with a 1% tuition cut.

Send letters to
your legislators!

Students all throughout Minnesota have done a lot of work telling legislators their personal stories to advocate for a 1% tuition cut. Having so many students meet with their legislators on Advocacy Day showed the capitol how many students high tuition impacts. But our work is not yet done. We need to continue to have a presence in the minds of legislators by asking students to sign letters to their legislators and share their stories. When legislators realize how many of their constituents an issue impacts, that issue becomes a priority for that legislator. Tell your legislator how high tuition impacts you.
Write your legislators!
Star Campus.

It's not too late:
Earn your stars!

Many deadlines for Star Campus 2017 have not yet passed! Make sure you submit your stars; many of the criteria are not hard to meet. View the full Star Campus criteria and decide what your campus can complete. Deadline to submit criteria for Star Campus is Friday, March 24. If you have any questions, contact MSCSA Public Relations Coordinator Kimberly Thielen at prc@mscsa.org.
Submit your star!

It's that time of year again: Budget consultation!

For resources to write your letter, visit the MSCSA website.

Please submit the first draft of your budget consultation letter to the MSCSA Office by April 3, 2017 by emailing it to sbeck@mscsa.org.
Your final draft is due to the Minnesota State System Office by April 24, 2017. You will email it to Rosa Melin (rosa.melin@so.mnscu.edu), please also CC the MSCSA office (sbeck@mscsa.org) and your campus president.
MSCSA Scholarships

Now accepting applications for scholarships!

MSCSA is now accepting applications for fall 2017 scholarships. Open scholarships include:
  • MSCSA Leadership Scholarship
  • Dr. Steve and Darla Frantz Leadership Scholarship
  • John Kenneth Niemi Memorial Tool Fund
  • Irja Sundgren Pratt Memorial Scholarship

Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2017. If you have any questions please view MSCSA's website or email MSCSA Development Assistant Joyce Petsch at jpetsch@mscsa.org.

Submit your workshops for the Leadership Certificate Program!

One of the missions of our organization is to develop our students’ leadership skills. This year, we have continued to do this through educating students in the areas of cultural intelligence (C), leadership development (L), advocacy and campaigns (A), and professional advancement (P).

In order to receive recognition, you must have attended at least three workshops in each of the above topic areas for the year. The topics of each workshop were designated on the itineraries at each conference throughout the year.

Submissions will only be accepted via the online form. All submissions must be submitted no later than March 6, 2017.
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Apply for a leadership position today!

Run for a MSCSA
leadership position!

Are you ready to take the next step in your leadership journey? We are now accepting applications for President, Vice President, Public Relations Coordinator, Treasurer, Governing Council Student-At-Large, and Platform Committee Student-At-Large. In accordance with MSCSA’s bylaws, applications will be accepted until Friday, March 24 at 5:00 PM. If you have any questions, please contact Executive Director Mike Dean at 651-203-9454 or mdean@mscsa.org.

In order to run for a position, an electronic application must be completed and an eligibility authorization form needs to be submitted to the MSCSA office. If you are mailing the eligibility authorization form, it must be postmarked by Tuesday, March 21.
Run for a leadership position today!

A successful Advocacy
Day 2017!

This year’s Advocacy Day was a HUGE success! Students spent Monday training with staff and Cabinet and got the opportunity to meet higher education chairs Sen. Michelle Fischbach and Rep. Bud Nornes.
With almost 70 meetings set up between the House and the Senate, MSCSA hit the capitol on Tuesday. Students carried the message of a 1% tuition cut for 2-year colleges, as well as reform for developmental education. 
MSCSA’s message was well received and students had the opportunity to share their personal stories with their legislators. Many students were also able to take a tour of the newly remodeled state capitol.
In the afternoon, students were able to visit the Higher Education and Career Readiness Policy and Finance Committee. At the meeting, students were able to hear testimony and were recognized by the Chair, Rep. Nornes. To complete the day, a small group of students were able to place a MSCSA sponsored bill into the “hopper”.
MSCSA would like to take a moment to recognize the author’s of our legislative bills: Sen. Miller, Sen. Abeler, Sen. Claussen, Rep. Zerwas, Rep. Christensen, & Rep. Bernardy.
Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make the day a success!

Groots volunteer of the month: Matthew Stonich!

Matthew Stonich imageOnce a month we will be showcasing a student that has done excellent work with our Groots initiative. The Groots initiative is a grass roots campaign to get students involved in building support for an issue by showing legislators how many people a certain problem effects. This month MSCSA would like to highlight Matthew Stonich, student senate president of Mesabi Range College-Eveleth.

Matt is graduating from the Graphic Media Designs, Visual Communications program at Mesabi Range College-Eveleth this coming May. After graduation, Matt plans on finding a job with an advertising firm in Duluth, MN. Graphic design started out as a hobby, one Matt didn’t think he could make a career out of. So he started at Hibbing Community College and while taking an accounting class, he realized it just was not working for him. “My dad told me, ‘do what you want to do with your life,’” Matt said. It was this advice that made him realize he could take his passion and turn it into his career. This led Matt to Mesabi Range College-Eveleth and the school’s student senate.

Through getting involved in his school’s student senate, Matt was able to meet and talk with a lot of people on campus. These connections made him want other students to get involved in the school and help bring the campus together.

For Matt, being involved in the Groots initiative allows him to meet other students on his campus. “Everyone knows we have a student senate, but they don’t know what we do. I’m trying to show we are more than a group of friends meeting, we are making change.” Every student on-campus, even those that are not involved, has seen Matt around campus. He has run activities, done class raps, and anything else he can to get other students involved on campus.

A 1% tuition cut is important because if there was lower tuition, students could work less, allowing them to be more involved on campus, in the form of clubs and organizations through their programs. The more student involvement, the more opportunities there is to bring in speakers, go to expos, and meet potential employers. Doing these things will make students more successful and will build the Mesabi Range College-Eveleth campus.

“Being involved in student senate and the Groots initiative allows me to get out on campus and meet everyone. All together we can build a stronger campus and community.”
Nominate someone for a MSCSA award!

Help make our Annual Awards Dinner a success!

During every Spring General Assembly, MSCSA hosts an awards dinner where we recognize the people that have gone above and beyond during the past year. Do you know anyone that deserves recognition? Submit a nomination in one of the categories below.

Student Awards:
Student Leader of the Year: This award recognizes some one who has excelled both academically, in the association, and in their community. This individual should be someone who has risen above all other students both in their actions and their attitude to bring their campus, the association, and the community together as well as give back to each of these communities.

Governing Council Member of the Year: This is a Governing Council member who displays many great qualities within the association. They have exemplified the ideals of the organization, built relationship and effective teams within their region and have gone above their call to serve our students.

Platform Committee Member of the Year: This award honors a Platform Committee member who has dedicated their time and effort to research and develop a working knowledge of the issues facing our students, our legislative agenda, and then spend time educating the students of their region.

Student Senate of the Year: Each year we honor one senate for taking their work above and beyond the call of duty. Past winners have had significant impact on their communities and campuses. In many cases, they have changed the lives of countless amounts of students for the better.

Minnesota State Committee Member of the Year: Minnesota State committees are some of the most important venues for change across the state. Students who serve on these committees are essential in ensuring students have a voice on a variety of topics. Nominees should be students who have served or are serving on a Minnesota State committee this year.

Non-Student Awards:
Alumni Member of the Year: The Alumni of the Year award is to honor an alumni member of our organization. Nominees should have a continued and lasting impact on the lives of students or their community in ways that honor the mission and values of MSCSA.

College President of the Year: This award honors the exemplary work of a college president within the 2-year colleges of the Minnesota State system. A nominee should display the qualities of being available to students for consultation and willing to discuss issues that affect the student body throughout the decision making process. Furthermore, a nominee should be proactive in wanting to create a welcoming and team environment for all cohorts of their college.

Instructor of the Year: An instructor deserving of this prestigious award is one that not only connects with their students to deliver the subject material, but also does it in ways that allows students of all learning methods to succeed. Previous award recipients have used creativity through technology and teaching styles to show students new learning methods that have shown high success rates in their class. Furthermore, past award recipients have ensured students have the support they need both in class and outside of class to provide them the best opportunity to excel in their college careers.

Student Senate Advisor of the Year: This award honors a student senate advisor who has gone above and beyond the daily roles and responsibilities of advising the student senate on their operations and serving as their advocate. An advisor of the year is one that also serves as a mentor to student leaders in ways that allow them to grow in their education and careers.

Nominations are due by Friday, March 24. Questions? Contact the MSCSA office at 651-297-5877.
Nominate someone for a MSCSA award!


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