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Big changes are occurring at the MSCSA office, scholarships are due April 1, and much more!

Association Update 03-27-17

MSCSA Association Update - March 2017
MSCSA Association Update - March 2017

Upcoming Events:

Spring General Assembly - April 2017

Date: April 21-23, 2017
Location: Breezy Point Resort - Breezy Point, MN
Register by Tuesday, April 4!
Budget Consultaion Video

Spring General Assembly is almost here!

In honor of Spring GA, check out our video explaining what each elected position is responsible for!
MSCSA Scholarships

Scholarships are due April 1!

Scholarship application deadlines are quickly approaching, and you don’t want to miss out. Apply now for any of the open scholarships through MSCSA or Students United.
  • MSCSA Leadership Scholarship
  • Dr. Steve and Darla Frantz Leadership Scholarship
  • John Kenneth Niemi Memorial Tool Fund
  • Irja Sundgren Pratt Memorial Scholarship
  • Barbara J. Penny Community Service Scholarship
  • Timothy J. Penny Public Service State Fellowship
  • Timothy J. Penny Public Service Federal Fellowship
  • Elizabeth Pegues Scholarship Matching Program for Students of Color
  • Friends Scholarship
  • Hull Educational Foundation Scholarship
  • Jared P. Stene Student Leadership Scholarship
Please note that the requirements of these scholarships will vary. More information can be found on the MSCSA and Students United websites. If you have any questions, please contact Development Assistant Joyce Petsch at 651-203-9464 or jpetsch@mscsa.org.

Attention student senate presidents!

Every year student senates have the opportunity to consult with their campus administration on the campus’ budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year. In the spring, student senate presidents then write a letter to the Minnesota State Chancellor and Board of Trustees describing how that process went for that year.

The first draft of your budget consultation letter is due to the MSCSA office for review and feedback by Monday, April 3, please email the letter to Outreach Coordinator Samantha Beck (sbeck@mscsa.org). If you have any questions, please contact Samantha.

The deadline has been extended!

You have until March 31 to submit your workshops for the Leadership Certificate program! In order to receive recognition, you must have attended at least three workshops in each of the four topic areas (Cultural Intelligence, Leadership Development, Advocacy and Campaigns, and Professional Advancement). The topics of each workshop were designated on the itineraries at each conference throughout the year. Submissions will only be accepted via the online form. Hurry, you have until Friday, March 31!

Legislative update from
the state capitol!

The Minnesota House and Senate are expected to vote on the Higher Education omnibus bills this week. The bills will fund the state financial aid programs, Minnesota State system, and the University of Minnesota for the next two years. It will include some policy changes to how higher education operates in Minnesota. An omnibus bill is essentially many small bills that are compiled into one large bill.
The House and the Senate have different versions of these education omnibus bills and this means that conference committee will be created to negotiate the differences.
One of MSCSA’s top priorities, to reform developmental education, is in the Senate bill. This legislation is a huge step towards helping students navigate their way through dev ed courses and allows for multiple measures to be implemented before placement into dev ed. We are very excited to see this language in the education omnibus bill and would like to thank Rep. Zerwas, Rep. Bernardy, Sen. Abeler and Sen. Claussen for their help, carrying our bills! Developmental education reform is not the only MSCSA priority that had been included in the omnibus bills.
The House and Senate have prioritized affordability in the omnibus bills with a 1% tuition cut in the House bill and a tuition freeze in the Senate bill. It will be important to remind legislators about the importance of Minnesota’s community and technical colleges over the next several weeks. The Minnesota State system office needs more funding to support the valuable academic programs that it offers students.
It is important to note that both the House and Senate Higher Education omnibus bills did not meet the financial requests of Minnesota State. Governor Dayton included almost double the amount of funding in his budget proposal, which the House and the Senate appear to have initially disregarded.

Continue to follow the MSCSA social media accounts for the latest at the capitol!

MSCSA warehouse construction is underway!

Big things are happening at the MSCSA office! Last Monday, March 20 construction began in the warehouse with the demolition of the large wall that spanned the space. Since then construction has kept moving forward, with the ceiling being painted next and the risers being built. The renovation is projected to take about eight weeks, and upon completion, it’ll be a whole new space. As the project continues, we will be updating you with photos and announcements, so watch our Facebook page for the latest on this exciting time!

D.C. Summit 2017 a success!

Another triumphant D.C. Summit is in the books! Students learned valuable insights from national nonprofits that work on higher education issues that affect students from across the country. They also had the opportunity to share their stories with the Minnesota congressional delegation and Senator Al Franken’s staff. While in D.C., students were able to form valuable relationships with their legislators and higher education focused nonprofits. The 2017 D.C. Summit was a success and we are looking forward to next year’s trip!

Groots volunteer of the month: Asha Hurreh!

Once a month we will be showcasing a student that has done excellent
work with our Groots initiative. The Groots initiative is a grass roots campaign to get students involved in building support for an issue by showing legislators how many people a certain problem effects. This month MSCSA is highlighting Asha Hurreh, a student senator at Normandale Community College.

If you’ve ever been stopped on Normandale Community College campus and asked to sign a letter to your legislator requesting them to support a 1% tuition cut, you may have been stopped by Asha Hurreh, and she doesn’t even have to pay tuition yet.

Asha is an 11th grade PSEO (Postsecondary Enrollment Options) student who is in her second semester at Normandale Community College. She joined student senate last semester when MSCSA Treasurer Isaac Jahraus convinced her to go to a meeting to see what it was about. Asha realized that by joining she would have a voice on campus and she could represent a group of the many minorities that attend Normandale Community College.

Last fall, Asha became a GOTV intern at MSCSA and asked students to pledge to vote. She really enjoyed the work and found that tabling is a successful way to talk with a lot of students. “The hardest part of tabling is initially approaching students, but once you get going, students usually agree with what you are saying, and if not that’s okay.” Since last fall, Asha has taken what she learned about tabling and is now using that method to grow support for the Groots campaign.

From the beginning of the campaign, Asha has been working hard to get signatures to show support for a 1% tuition cut. “For many students as soon as I say ‘cut tuition’ they ask where they should sign. They agree that tuition is too high.”

Asha has been supporting the Groots campaign not only on campus, but she also spent her spring break gathering signatures from around her community. She went back to her high school during parent-teacher conferences, and her and a friend went to their different places of worship to ask people for their support.

“There are so many people that have to pay tuition and also have other responsibilities like full-time jobs and taking care of family. By helping now to make change, I hope that when I get into their shoes I won’t have these same worries.”

Announcing the 2017 Mark W. Welter World Citizen award recipients!

Congratulations to the twenty students who were awarded $500 from the Mark W. Welter World Citizen Award.
  • Cassandra Bauer, Anoka-Ramsey Community College
  • Brooke Moren, Central Lakes College
  • Breezy (Sabrina) Cephus, Century College
  • Rakhi Penugonda, Dakota Technical College
  • Ashlyn Anderson, Hennepin Technical College
  • Jake Ray, Hibbing Community College
  • Alexander Anderson, Lake Superior College
  • Cole Jensen, Mesabi Range Community and Technical College
  • James E. Morse, Metropolitan State University
  • Babra Mumia, Minneapolis Community and Technical College
  • Evariste Busanga, Minnesota State Community and Technical College
  • Gulmira Fazilova, Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • Tanner Jo Gunnink, Minnesota West Community and Technical College
  • Alyssa Hinderscheid, Normandale Community College
  • Deborah Nesheim, North Hennepin Community College
  • Sarah Solomon, Northland Community & Technical College
  • Hannah L. Mollhoff, Pine Technical College
  • Okeyemi Onireti, Riverland Community College
  • Raxson Rax, Southwest Minnesota State University
  • Nicholas Holtz, Vermilion Community College
Thank you Dr. Welter for your commitment to our students!


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