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MSCSA announces Patrick Christner as its new Executive Assistant


Patrick Christner is a name that should be familiar to long-time friends of MSCSA–he was the President of the Association before our current President Scott Formo. Christner is very excited to be involved in MSCSA in a new capacity. “It will be really nice to be surrounded by all of the positive people in MSCSA. After a couple of years working in the corporate world, it will be refreshing to be working for the common good again.”

Christner spent the last two years working at Best Buy in computer sales and doing tech support for the Geek Squad, but he found that his work wasn’t matched with his long-term goals. As the Executive Assistant at MSCSA he will begin to take over the accounting duties from Jessica Medearis which dovetails with the courses he plans to take at the University of Minnesota in Accounting and Organizational Management. Additionally Christner will be taking over the conference planning duties from Adam Schank, who has filled in admirably in that role over the last year.

Christner has many fond memories from his past work with MSCSA that made him excited to return. He was particularly proud of the Association’s work with Rep. Marty Seifert and the State Legislature to pass a law that prevented municipalities from imposing fees on students who lived within their borders. Christner sees that collaboration with the legislature as laying the foundation for the extensive work that MSCSA has done at the Capitol over the last two years.
MSCSA is lucky to have someone with so much knowledge of the Association back in the fold. He as been able to tackle many tasks around the office, even in his first week. The next time you see Patrick Christner at June Transitional or the MSCSA Student vs. Alumni Softball Game, give him a big pat on the back and hearty “Welcome back!”

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