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News You Can Use: 12/18/15

MnSCU Releases Campus Diversity Planning Toolkit

A joint priority for MSCSA and MnSCU’s Charting the Future initiative is the creation of campus diversity plans for all MnSCU institutions. To support this process, MnSCU has created and released the "Inclusive Excellence" Diversity & Equity Planning Toolkit. This blog post is intended to help students understand the process, structure, and timeline of diversity planning that will be happening on their campuses for the remainder of the 2015-16 academic year.Diversity Plan

History of MnSCU Campus Diversity Planning

Throughout the history of the MnSCU system, various campuses have taken the initiative to create campus diversity plans to create an educational environment that is welcoming and inclusive. As part of the Charting the Future process, the Diversity Implementation Team recommended that all campuses create diversity plans. This recommendation was then included in the Leadership Council’s Charting the Future work plan, signaling MnSCU Campus Presidents’ willingness and commitment to creating diversity plans to help move MnSCU in a more diverse and equitable direction.

Inclusive Excellence Diversity & Equity Planning Toolkit

To support the creation of campus diversity plans, MnSCU created a Diversity Planning Workgroup that produced an Inclusive Excellence Diversity & Equity Planning Toolkit. Disappointingly, students were not involved in the creation of the Toolkit. However, the Toolkit provides helpful guidelines for campus communities on how to create and implement an effective diversity plan.

Campus Diversity Planning Phases

Campus diversity plans will be created and sustained through a six phase process: 1) Convening the planning team, 2) Conducting an institutional needs assessment and research, 3) Analyzing Data, 4) Drafting the plan, 5) Implementing a communication plan, and 6) Sustaining the diversity planning process.  Details of each phase can be found in the Toolkit, available on MnSCU’s website.

Campus Diversity Planning Team

Campus diversity plans will be created and implemented by Diversity Planning Teams on each campus. Diversity Planning Teams will be composed of administrators, subject matter experts, community stakeholders, staff, faculty, and most importantly – students. Student involvement in Campus Diversity Planning Teams is crucial to the success of campus diversity planning, as students are key to communicating their own and their peers’ lived experiences of diversity on campus.

Campus Diversity Planning Timeline

MnSCU suggests that campuses follow the timeline below to ensure that they submit a diversity plan by June of 2016 as required by the Leadership Council work plan:

    • November-December 2015: Campuses form Diversity Planning Team
    • January 2016: Diversity Planning Team is confirmed
    • February 2016: Training an orientation of Diversity Planning Team
    • March-April 2016: Institutional needs assessment and analysis
    • April-May 2016: Diversity plan is drafted
    • June 2016: Diversity plan is finalized

Action Items for MSCSA Members

It is critical that students be involved in campus diversity planning. If students are not yet appointed the committee or you are unsure of the status of your Campus Diversity Planning Team, reach out to your campus President and diversity officer(s). Help students be prepared for Diversity Planning Team meetings by reviewing the "Inclusive Excellence" Diversity & Equity Planning Toolkit and engaging actively in the planning process. Be sure to communicate the progress of your Campus Diversity Planning Team to MSCSA so that we can ensure that things are going as smoothly as possible on your campus.

Have questions or concerns about campus diversity planning? Want to share the progress of your Campus Diversity Planning Team? Contact Director of Policy Becca Branum at bbranum@mscsa.org



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