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News You Can Use: 05/27/16

Get Out The Vote Kicks Off with Summer INterns

Summer has officially begun and the office is abuzz with Get Out the Vote Interns! At our kick off meeting on Monday, May 23rd interns shared what they want to accomplish through the internship.  Our interns were in agreement that they all wanted to make sure every student knows that their vote matters and it makes a real impact. There was also a lot of competition over the MSCSA Voter Cup! Multiple interns revealed their determination to win the illustrious cup including Gloria Watkins, Oscar Corral, Emilio Galvan, and Nalima Mwassa.

The interns also did a storytelling training during our meeting. This training helped them work through their personal story about why voting is important to them. They came up with some very powerful stories that centered on the theme that every vote is heard and every person has a voice. The main take away was that values inspire action through emotion.

This summer the Get Out the Vote interns will work on multiple projects including: summer class raps at colleges around the state, creating campus field plans, helping to create GOTV materials, and working on training videos for Get Out the Vote. Look for intern updates and more on how you can start to prepare for Get Out the Vote in the fall!

Remember, values inspire action through emotion. Your story and your passion will be the greatest tool to reach out to students this summer and fall. You have the power to make a huge impact on your life and the lives of students through your vote. 


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