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News You Can Use: 06/28/16

GOTV Summer leadership team making progress on developing class raps

We had our second Get Out the Vote Summer Leadership Team meeting on June 21st. Students from across the state came together to learn about how to plan for Get Out the Vote, deal with common responses, and how to show students that their voice matters. The Get Out the Vote Action Plan Template was revealed at this meeting and it will be sent out to campus presidents soon. If you would like a copy of it please email Outreach Coordinator Samantha Beck (sbeck@mscsa.org).

The students also learned one of the most effective engagement strategies for Get Out the Vote -‑ class raps!

Class raps are a great method to engage students on your campus because you can reach a large number of students at once and you have a captive audience. When you give a class rap you are among your peers, keep this in mind as you prepare and deliver your class rap because it will help you stay confident and relaxed. Your energy, excitement, and passion will reach your fellow students. Keep your class rap short, simple, and to the point. The important piece to remember is that you need to give them a reason why they should care- why should they vote.

We all have something we are passionate about, an issue that is close to our heart. That issue may be the cost of a two-year degree in Minnesota, the cost of food, health care, the environment- the list goes on and on, but the point is we all have a reason to vote. It is time for students to vote for themselves, vote for the issues they care about so their voice can be heard. It is time to tell our elected officials to vote for us when they ask for our vote on November 8th. This is part of “the why” you should deliver in your class rap. View a full script of a sample class rap.

This summer is a great time to practice your class rap and get comfortable with it so you can start them immediately when classes start. It is a good idea to put together a contact list of faculty, the classes they teach, and when the classes are held so that you can get class raps scheduled easily in the fall. If you need an email template for faculty outreach and a spreadsheet to keep track of all of this data let Samantha Beck know.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, July 26th at 1 pm at the MSCSA office! We hope you can come and join us!


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