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Tell your story today!

State support per student in the Minnesota State system is down 45% since 2000. The average student at public two-year college spends $1,133 annually on textbooks and supplies. Nearly 140,000 Minnesota college students receive the Pell Grant; half of these students are at community or technical colleges.

Facts are good. Actually, facts are great. However, the above statements can easily get lost in the competing priorities present in the state and federal government. With so many numbers, charts, and spreadsheets in front of legislators every day, to be successful in advocating for students we need to get personal.

To effectively make our case for lawmakers to support MSCSA’s legislative priorities, we need to hear from you. Yes, you. Tell us why you are going to school, how the cost of tuition has impacted your life, or what state and federal financial aid means to you. Your story helps us make a powerful case for why higher education needs state and federal support.

Recently, Senator Al Franken shared former MSCSA Public Relations Coordinator Michael Flannery’s story on the floor of the United States Senate to prevent the interest rates on subsidized Stafford loans from doubling. Also David Corgan, another former MSCSA Public Relations Coordinator, told his story at a press conference with United States House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to oppose the proposed cuts to the Pell Grant. Your story could be the next one to make a difference. Share your story today to be a voice for Minnesota students.


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