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FAQ: MSCSA and McCormick Leadership Scholarships

Are part-time students eligible? Yes 

Are cabinet or governing council members eligible? No

Are platform committee members are eligible? Yes

How many individual Leadership Scholarship applications are received per semester?
We have a very competitive pool each semester so we encourage everyone to really invest in his or her application.

How many individual Leadership Scholarship awards are given out per semester?
The number varies each semester depending on what the board decides and based on our available funds.

Are students who are not involved in MSCSA able to receive the award?
Yes, however non-MnSCU school students, PSEO students, and graduate school students are ineligible for the Leadership Scholarships. Graduate students are eligible to receive the McCormick Leasdership Scholarship.

Are international students eligible to apply? Yes

If I am at DCTC this semester but will be attending the U of M next semester can I still apply for the scholarship?
No, unfortunately you will still have to be attending a MnSCU institution when your award is dispersed. 

I am attending DCTC but will be transferring to Bemidji State University next semester, am I still eligible?
Yes. All two and four year college and university students are eligible as long as they are in the MnSCU system!

Where can I find the application?  Here is a link to the online application.

Are applications accepted in paper form now that the form is online?
Paper applications are only accepted by pre-approval.

Where is the application for the McCormick Scholarship?
It is the same application as the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship!
We will be taking the top scoring applicant from the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship and awarding that student the McCormick Scholarship.

How much is the McCormick Scholarship Award?  $1,500

How much is the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship Award?  $1,250

If I have already received the MSCSA or McCormick Leadership Scholarship, can I apply again?  No, only MSCSA Leadership Scholarship is renewable.

When is the deadline for applying?  November 1 and April 1. 

When would I receive the scholarship money if I were awarded?
Scholarship winners from the November 1st round will receive their award in January.
Scholarship winners from the April 1st round will receive their award in August.


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